It's All KoolAid;​-​)

by MaxxSteelTheGOD

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    " Just Make It Home " and "Aswad" courtesy of A-MillyonIdeaz ent™2012

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Classick Hiphop defined and refined for the next Generation


released October 1, 2012

Produced, mixed, mastered and arranged by MaxxSteeltheGOD for A-Millyon IDeaz ent™2012



all rights reserved


A-Millyon Ideaz Entertainment Philadelphia

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Track Name: The 1st 48
I'm nicky tesla, brought that electricity back,
Pressure, enough of that simplicity rap,
Gotta testa ya, watch how the innercity react,
Shout yes sir! I got the crack if u got the racks. Multiplied by the two, sixes then the dozens, shoulda secured ya rubbers, I told you I was cummin. Them pigs can't touch me, I'm back with another onion, jigged, I feel lovely, without a gat, I'm still gunnin. Fully ammo. More butter than Lano. Coughin up a lake, my ring on every channel. Channelin the spirit of wild animals, rammin through your chamber door, visibly touched but i'm not tangable. Anakin's anger aimed at assimilaters, im anxious to annihilate these assholes attemptin to be artists. Beginners barely buildin, no brilliance in they bars. Chickenheads cackle about cash n cars. A whole lotta rap but i dont do much talkin. Momma said never beg, im demandin you pardon. Military trained tongue, General Steel, the purplest heart, rambo knife to make my mark. Named carved in the hiphop tree, thats for life, married to the gizame, no eyeballin my wife. Lose both of ya irises violatin that, dont get it braided,unless u talkin straight backs. Never fronted, i gotta give you the skinny, fingerprints bronze from pinchin my last penny. Final thought same as the last, i gotta shine, if nothin under the cap, what the fuck is on your mind? Moral of the story,be happy, its all KoolAid, no point complainin about the bed that you made. Swimmin in my sheets, eyes redder than beets, high as Saturn, runnin track n i aint got no cleets. Still grounded, gravity's a gift from God. On the clock til i punch out, i begged for this job. These other cats backs the color of corn on the cob,playin tough til they got more holes than spongebob. Im Einstein, they patrick its time to play chess, told yall its real in the field n im way left. Right on, them clowns high entertained like ION, focused like a sniper, the top what i got my eye on. Bygones are bygones, life better n worse, no reason to fear death, we all see a hearse. Feel cursed even though i know that i'm blessed, send my ashes to Cairo, PRONTO. Never been a zombie.
Late for the fame but i'm on time G,
I miss heaven,coolin in hell where u can find me.
Flow is like VHS. Gotta rewind me. No spooks, blame the nigga that designed me.
Track Name: Frinda Phoe
I can see what's on your mind before u think of it dog,
u feel a way about me,fine,but I'm still goin hard,
don't let let a second pass by without refinin my flaws,
unless its groupies on my dick, get off ( Frinda foe niggaaaaa )
Don't be countin my bread before u get in the bed,
bitch u heard what I said,you smart now gimme some head,
chew the barrel up n swallow the lead,
don't worry bout it u will soon be fed. ( Frinda foe beyotchhhhh )

I.M.A.G. til I D.I.E., stayin on my J.O.B.,
never cry or s.o.b. cuz I'm a mean s.o.b.
fresh out of the box, hittin hard, no referee,
big dog status, muthafuckas know my pedigree.
I'm speakin the words of wisdom, let it be
,M's in a suitcase, that's for me? Better be,
hustled so I earned every penny I'm about to see,
let me get this straight, I owe u niggas for doubtin me?
Now I got the master, everybody want a key,
slave to they ego, who said freedom was free ?.
I beam cuz I grind for the shine, outta ya mind
tryin to outline mine n design,that ain't divine,
its a crime and only the blind decline the signs of the times,
I dig deep in them mines for them mines
to spread thru the lands, gunnin for your mind everytime,
I'm organized, y'all niggas wanna battle? Form a line.



Mercy me, mami marriage material but my money on her mind,
n she ain't helpin me make it.
Malice n motivation, I made a major manuevar,
that's the mark of a mastermind, Mind over matter.
Weather niggas or hoes, they both switch up n pose,
but I'm too quick on my toes, to let em get @ my dough.
I suppose if beef wanted they eat some sloppy joes,
stop me no, tho these foes swear they got me by the nose.
Neither open or broken My fever scorchin they surface,
boogeyman surgeon, only Allah's under my turban.
Confirmin the firmest germ in the firmament,
what u learning is permanent, no sermon, just earn it,
before the devil try to burn it.
Pussy n money, I don't mix,
at least until my bank account figure over six.
Trap or die,that ain't just a slogan in the streets,
we know what we sew, be prepared to reap.

Track Name: Carrot cake
To start it off, u need the first egg to crack, that's ya idea, light bulb glowin over top of you. Smell it sweet as cinnamon, that's brilliance cookin, sprinkle ya nitch secretly when nobody is lookin. Time to get the milk out, grind, that get u pumpin, how many scoops of flour, we give em a baker's dozen. Dough rise, enterprise, been inside the minds of divine chefs who bring they own flavor to the table.
Sugar to get the honeys, the sodium for the salty that fault me
for telling sorry story hawkers back up off me.
I'm bakin for those who held me down and in return never asked me for nathan, the first sayin congratulations.
That's the first step in greasin the pan,
if fam ain't your first fans then u gotta expand,
don't request with your mouth what u can't produce wit your hand, Put everything u got in the pot n stick to the plan.
Never be afraid to mix it, get wit it, whip it until u flippin liquid
wit a light thickness, give it a little more to make sure,
every last grain dissolved,
do this while u hum along to your favorite song.
Throw the oven on pre heat and wait for the flame,
Peep these events about to occur, part of chain,
soon as that aroma circulate the building,
u gone have to hear the second verse to be filled in...

That yeast start workin then its bread to be seen,
them rats smell it when its fresh,leave pellets all over your desk,
triple layer, I'm a master Chef,
got some shit on the shelf,that'll auto theft ya breath.
This ain't pathmark or tiffany's, I made it from scratch,
Martha stewart ain't true as the dude you viewin,
can't mimick the batch.
A few new things, a spice here n there, a pinch something nice,
can't tell but u can smell it in the air.
Every neighbor bangin on my door,drivin the tenants mad,
its heavy on every floor.
they all brought a plate but no carrots to make more
and be ready to go to war if one crumb hit the floor.
The net is ape shit, they watchin me Ustream, while the cake coolin, I'm grabbin some ice cream.
Lookin through the keyhole, two hundred eyes beamin,
two hundred mouths salivatin, please Google Pheindin.
Icing on the cake now, I'm sparkin a blizzy, cold milk,
a bitch with me now its time to get busy.
Hair straight when she come, when she leave, its frizzy,
sugar high or its success, either way we dizzy.
Save some for the seeds, its hard I'm greedy,
sweet tooth achin, taggin up Soul Grafitti,
I'm really calculatin cash like calories, sling salad for salaries,
self 'll rise like flour G. Come n get a slice...